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Costom Made with your name  with your brand  as Gifts

Get 25% Off All Products

Why custom gadgets?

Express Your Uniqueness With Gadgets

As technology advances, so do the ways in which we can personalize our gadgets. We now have the ability to customize everything from the way our phones look to the apps we use and the music we listen to. And it’s not just our phones – we can also personalize our laptops, tablets, and even our home appliances.

Gadgets are becoming an extension of ourselves, and so it makes sense that we want them to reflect our individual personalities.

Personalise your gadgets

Showcase your swag and uniqueness using personalised Gadgets customised

with your name, logo or design 

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What I like the most about the usb cable is the light up feature, It charges all my phones but it lights up my name anytime I want to charge my phone and that is just something unique that I don’t see other people’s charging cable do, so I really like it.  


Adegboyega Martins

I really like the phone stand Bluetooth speaker, it’s perfect for my work desk and it has my name in light when I turn it on, maybe that’s why I like it so much, I highly recommend billiongadgets


Selena Okotie

I got the smart wallet as a gift from a friend, and it’s really nice in fact I’ve charged my phone with the wallet countless times, it’s more useful than a regular wallet. I like the product, I will buy more products from this store 


Lukas Adirije

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