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The Unique Stereo Headset

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Active Noise Canceling | Wireless Bluetooth | LED Lights | Personalised 

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unique stereo headset Plus Free Personalisation

Price : ‚ā¶ 50,000

Limited Time Sale : ‚ā¶ 18,500

  • Bluetooth¬† Version: V5.2 [Latest Version]
  • Noise Cancelation: Yes¬†
  • Battery Life: Up to 20 hours of playtime
  • Voltage: 3.7VDC (built-in 400MAH rechargeable battery)
  • Standby time: 360hour
  • Charge time: 3 hours¬†

Stand Out With Your Music


Before we talk about the specs, I want to ask you…

Have you ever bought a headset, headphone or earpiece you didn’t like before ?¬†

maybe because it was bad quality and got spoilt after the first week 

or maybe one ear stopped working or maybe it got stolen or missing 

¬†because lots of people were using the same identical ones, well…

I’ve been there and I understand the frustration¬†

We all know how expensive a Beats by Dr Dre Headset is and…

We also know how much original  Apple AirPods Max costs as well

There are many more headphones but these are the ones with the high quality 

that I can use in accurate comparison to the unique stereo headset I have on right now

If what you want is  something different, something unique that stands out like

the Apple Air pods Max, Beats by Dr Dre & Skull Candy 

but yet still affordable and unique, then you are at the right place.

These headphones are personalised for the owner so they are the perfect gift for birthdays or Christmas.

I personalised mine as BILLIONS to inspire me to wealth and abundance 

so tell me…

what will you like to personalise on your own headset ?

While you think about that Lets review the specs of the headset, they include…

Here are the specifications of
the unique stereo headset

Here Is What People Are Saying About The Unique Stereo Headset

Gabriel Ado
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I was searching for a gift for my friend who is a DJ when I came across this headset, what really caught my attention was the customized name, It was the best gift I could have given him,The bass of the headset is quite amazing, I highly recommend it
Andrew Ukafo
Read More
When I saw it on Instagram I was really excited because I had been looking for the perfect headset that is unique from that of my friends, so I bought it and now all my friends are begging me to get their own for them because I personalise my name on my own headset
Juliet chinyere
Read More
I just received mine yesterday and the bass of the headphones is really nice, it’s like a beat by dre headset with your name on it. I like these headphones because they're very unique. Unlike many earplugs you will see anybody wearing
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Experience The Best Audio Quality Personalised For You

If you love the Apple Air-pods Max or the beat by Dr. Dre, Then you’re definitely going to love the unique stereo headset.¬†

It fits perfectly on the ear and looks really attractive when you’re listening to music and the LED lights are flashing as you bump your head to the music.¬† ¬†

It is light weight and can easily hang on your neck without it feeling heavy or too big, no matter the size of your head 

It has active noise cancelation stereo which helps drown out the noise from your surroundings, focusing only on the sound. 

It’s easily foldable and comes with a foldable bag for easier carriage.¬†


The Headset Comes With These Unique Features

Personalised Name Or Logo On Light Of The Headset

Customize your stereo headset with your business logo, name or nickname and listen to your music in unique style as it lights up your name or logo.

Foldable Headset

Fold your headsets conveniently and move around with it  like a boss, bag them and take your music experience everywhere.

Easy Navigation & Volume Buttons

Enjoy using an easy navigation from the headset to control your devices and even pause your gaming when connected to PC or Mac 

Colourful LED Light when switched on & playing music

The Unique Audio LED Lights-Up to display colourful Lights when connected to your device & playing music, the light displays your personalised name or logo 

Available in various colours

Choose from a variant of headset colours that you’ll like to personalise, we have colors ranging from black to blue and red, all colors are based on availability

Compact eco-friendly packaging suitable for corporate gifting

Unique Stereo headset comes in a compact packaging that is suitable for you to send out as a special gift to someone and also as a corporate gift for your business or personalised party souvenirs

why should you get the unique audio headset

Like I  said before If you have had a bad experience with earphones or headsets this is the ultimate solution for you because you are about to experience high end quality personalised for your ears alone. Enjoy your Music, Videos and Gaming on any device everywhere you go with your logo or name personalised in LED .  

And since you’re definitely going to the need to charge all your devices at the same time as your headset you may not have all the necessary chargers for your various devices all the time and even if you do, carrying around multiple cords and charger heads all the time can be very frustrating

To give you convenience  The Light -Up Multi-Cable solves all of these problems because the personalised Light up multi-cable, has 3 chargers in 1 customised with your name or logo and this cable can charge all your devices conveniently and fast. 

So get the unique stereo headset to take your music everywhere and get the unique charging cable to reduce the stress of carrying multiple chargers for your devices.

Classy and Affordable for gifting anyone

It’s a great gift because everyone loves music and would definitely love to be gifted quality headsets that are made solely for them with their names on it. This headset is a gift that won’t be easily forgotten.¬†¬†It is guaranteed to last you a whole year or more of use without any issues

Can you say that confidently about your current headphones ? or charging cable ? 

Even If you already have a nice beats by dr. dre headset, It’s already identical to all other headphones of the same make and it isn’t unique to you.¬†

Maybe you really don’t need it as a person, what about your company clients ?¬†

Could this gift help you win their hearts and keep your company top of mind ?  

Asides from all these you can also put a smile on the face of a friend, your child, your nephew or niece that is a gamer or music lover or just someone special. 

This is truly the best gift for music and gadget lovers because it’s probably going to be one of a kind in anyone’s gadget collection.¬†

unique stereo headset Plus Free Personalisation

Price : ‚ā¶ 50,000

Limited Time Sale : ‚ā¶ 18,500

  • Bluetooth¬† Version: V5.2 [Latest Version]
  • Noise Cancelation: Yes¬†
  • Battery Life: Up to 20 hours of playtime
  • Voltage: 3.7VDC (built-in 400MAH rechargeable battery)
  • Standby time: 360hour
  • Charge time: 3 hours¬†

Triple Risk Free Guarantee For All Customers

In order to qualify for the guarantees listed below you must have made payment via our customer service representative. We encourage payment before delivery because each product is custom made for the customer and cannot be sold to any other person

7 days money back guarantee

When you pay for the Unique Stereo Headset and you do not recieve it after 7 days from day of payment we will refund your money back 100%

Customer Satisfaction Guarantee

Every buyer will be assigned a customer care agent to take their logo or name as required to be designed on the Unique Stereo Headset to their satisfaction. This is guaranteed.

Worldwide Delivery guarantee

We promise to deliver your Unique Stereo Headset in excellent condition without a hitch within 7 days or less. Via our TRUSTED delivery agents, however you may be required to pay a small delivery fee if you buy only one Unique Stereo Headset. this fee will be related to you by the customer care agent assigned to your order.

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