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AV Imperium

 Looking for the perfect gadget gift for your music-loving friends and family members? Meet AV Smartbuds, the personalized earbuds that will blow their minds!

Not only do these earbuds come in a sleek metal case, but they are also water-resistant; making them perfect for all kinds of outdoor activities. Plus, with compatibility across android and iOS devices, there’s no excuse not to have AV Smartbuds in your life.

Why Choose Billiongadgets ?

If you, your family or your friends are gadget lovers who love Apple, Samsung, Xiomi, Redmi, Nothing phone OR  always looking for the latest consumer tech, then Billiongadgets is for you. We believe the best gifts are tech gadgets, and that is why we personalise gadgets for you to gift your loved ones high quality useful gadgets they’ll never forget.   

Gift Music Lovers

The ultimate gadget on their birthday

Price : ₦ 35,000

All smartbuds come with your custom print

This includes Either:

Limited Time Sales Price:


"FREE Shipping to Anywhere in Nigeria"​

" All gadgets Are Strictly
High Quality & Specially Customised

Here's The features of the smartwatch


Tech Features

The sacramento smartwatch comes with cool features like heart rate monitor, Blood pressure, walking steps for health, music player control, camera shutter, text messages & phone calls, custom picture screensaver and so much more. It is compatible with both IOS & Android smartphones


Style Features

The look and feel of every watch is very important and with the sleek and stylish design of the sacramento smartwatch it is suitable for any outfit you put on moreover, The sacramento smartwatch is very durable, It's been reviewed as one of the best touchscreens in the smartwatch market and guarantees the screen will not break easy after a fall unlike most brand smartwatches.

Let's hear the experience from a few of our customers

The watch is really amazing for me as an artist I can listen to music on my phone and control it to skip or pause using my smartwatch, plus I can record a voice memo directly on my smartwatch, It reminds me of my previous apple smartwatch but stronger & durable.
John Doe
I love using this smartwatch at the gym, it gives very accurate reads on my heart rate and workouts, it's very accurate in calculating how many calories I burn. I have bought this smartwatch as a gift for my gym buddies and clients and they all love it. I highly recommend it
John Doe
Gym instructor
Chizoba Anne
Chizoba Anne
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"I recently bought a Sacramento Smartwatch and it has been the best gift I have ever given myself, it pairs well with my Apple Airpods and I even got another one for my husband. my husband says "The full LED touchscreen makes reading messages so easy, not to mention all the other features like tracking steps and heart rate." He also loves being able to control his music player with just a few taps! I like that music change feature as well"
Parkiya Sharma
Parkiya Sharma
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"I recently received the Sacramento Smartwatch as a gift from my gym trainer and I absolutely love it! . Using It I realised its packed with all the latest health & exercise features, like heart monitoring. Plus, it is compatible with both Apple and Android devices which was a huge bonus as I use the Nothing smartphone. I highly recommend this product to anyone looking for an innovative smartwatch" I really appreciate the gift
Oni Enitan
Oni Enitan
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"I recently bought the Sacramento Smartwatch and I absolutely love it! The design is sleek and modern, and it has all sorts of great features for tracking my blood pressure. Plus, the battery life is really impressive. I highly recommend this product to anyone who loves tech gadgets."
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"I bought the Sacramento Smartwatch for my husband and he absolutely loves it! Not only does it have a super slim, stylish design but its top-notch health tracking features have been incredibly helpful. We love that we can monitor our heart rate and steps at any time - great for staying active!"

Here's The Item You'll Receive when you order now



The sacramento smartwatch with cool features like heart rate monitor, Blood pressure, walking steps for health, music player control, camera shutter, text messages & phone calls, custom picture screensaver and so much more. It is compatible with both IOS & Android smartphones


Silicone Watch Strap

This is Personalised durable watch strap will easily make your wrist look sharp. If you like apple smartwatch strap then you'll love this strap, this is where we personalise on the watch with your name or logo.


Charging Cable

This is the charging cable for your sacramento smartwatch. it charges the smartwatch to full capacity in just 1 hour or less. a charge on the sacramento smartwatch can last for up to 3 days of use without needing charge

Surprise Someone with Gadget Gifts!

Why Get The Sacramento smartwatch

Don’t settle for less, Be unique and show off your exclusive smartwatch

we know you already choose the very popular smartwatch from Apple or Samsung. But you’re on this page, so that probably means that you’re looking for a present? A smartwatch as a gift. 

That’s what our watches are all about, they have been specially designed as the perfect personalised gadgets gifts. get one now and see how many compliments you get!


Imagine this… 

If you and a colleague of yours really wanted to impress your boss on their birthday, their anniversary or a special celebration like Christmas or new year 

And your colleague gets your boss a generic gift he already received in the  past but you showed up with a personalised smartwatch with your boss’s name who do you think will get promoted first you or your friend ? 

Of Course you will because this smartwatch is going to help you remain top of mind in the hearts of any elite you gift.

Relationships with tech savvy executives are difficult to develop, however you can start with a gift.

Sacramento Smartwatch is an affordable gift to get you the best impression with any elite businessman or woman, spouse, boss or even mentor.

Triple Risk Free Guarantee For Customers

We guarantee that all gadgets  from billiongadgets  are authentic, tested to work perfectly, and come personalised as advertised. We are committed towards your satisfaction when you purchase any gadget from Billiongadgets. We guarantee that You will be satisfied.


We Guarantee that all purchased gadgets from billiongadgets will be delivered to you in due time within 3 to 5 working days or less, after payment is made. We are committed to make sure you get your gadget in good and suitable condition.


 you are covered by our 7 days money back guarantee. When you purchase any gadget from billiongadgets and you do not receive your product within  5 to 7 working days we will refund your money.  

Do not waste time...


Here's why...

We’re only leaving the price of the smartwatch at ₦37k for the next few days, and then We’ll be increasing the price back to ₦45k due to the cost of importation from USA & exchange rates. 

 The countdown begins!

If the price is still here after 30 days, then the new offer will be ₦45k 


" All gadgets Are Strictly High Quality & Customised Specially "

"FREE Shipping to Anywhere in Nigeria"​

Frequently asked questions

Will the Smartwatch work on my phone?

Yes, as long as you are using smartphones with ios & android, the smartwatch will work with your phone, Compatible smartphones include, Samsung, Apple, Sony, Tecno, Infinix.

Do you deliver smartwatches worlwide?

Yes we will deliver the smartwatch to your doorstep or diirectly to the recipient using DHL, UPS, GIG, Red Express, Gokada etc.

What are your payment methods?

You can make payment in Dollars (USD) via PayPal or make payment in Naira (NGN) via PayStack, Choose your preferred currency using the buttons you see at the mid right of your screen at checkout. Select PayPal if would like to make payment in Dollars (USD) and select Debit/Credit card if you would like to pay in Naira (NGN) using your ATM card or via online transfer.

Do your gadgets come with warranty?

Genuine Gadgets always come with some warranty and so do our gadgets. All gadgets in our store come with a 4 month warranty under fair usage. This means if your gadget develops any issues within 4 months of purchase we will replace it

Get The Best Gadget Gift For Your Loved ones Today

" All gadgets Are Strictly High Quality & Customised Specially"

"FREE Shipping to Anywhere in Nigeria"​

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